Quick service, direct contact

We focus on a personal approach and offer immediately the appropriate solutions.


You can contact us for the purchase of new trailers, the superstructure of trucks, from standard equipment to custom builds.

Maintenance & repairs

We do a detailed maintenance on your trailer and handle all reparations with a lot of care.


Brake test, preparation for technical inspection, ordering small parts ... you can contact us for all supplementary services.

About Ameel Trailers


Founded in 1990 by Erik Ameel. In 2011, his son Olivier joins the company.


Purchase, sales, repairs, MOT and maintenance of trailers.

Direct approach

Direct contact with Erik or Olivier who offer a solution immediately.



Brake test

We test the brakes on our well-equipped brake test machine.

Technical inspection

Thanks to our expertise, technical inspection is nothing but a formality.


Bodywork repairs in metal and polyester.


We advise on and help you with your purchase of a new trailer.

Spare parts

Large supply of readily available parts or less common parts quickly available on command.

New ideas

Do you have a new idea, we will happily help you with the realisation.

Technical gadgets

We deliver and install all the latest gadgets such as track & trace and cargo locking systems.

Road assistance

Breakdown on the road? It can happen to anyone, we quickly come to your assistance.



Abraham Hansstraat 13-15
8800 Roeselare